Happy Birthday Papa B

Have you ever thought about old friends or relatives, people with whom you share memories, people who stand out in the landscape of your life like a proud oak tree in an otherwise level pasture, people who have influenced your ethics and integrity…have you ever felt the need to connect with these individuals only to Continue reading →

Our Friend The Voiced Consonant

To continue on the subject of Mouth Mechanics in general and Voiced Consonants in particular, Here is a little written homework assignment for all of you singers who are not competing for the title “LQBM”  (Least Qualified Band Member.) To review definitions for a moment, Voiced Consonants are those sounds which are not vowels, are Continue reading →

Groove Duke Nailin’ It From Jump Street

For those not fluent in the Lingua Franca da Cornu, or, the way horn players talk, the term Jump Street means from the top, at the beginning, right off the bat, from the left, immediately. For example, if a jazz trumpeter were to say “I knew the skirt made change from jump street.” his friends Continue reading →

Who The Hell Are You Anyway?

Establishing an instantly recognizable identity can be the most elusive ingredient in building a career as a young musical artist. We see the difficulty every time we tune in to American Idol. Young artists competing for public recognition struggle every week to be whatever it is they think will keep them on the show another Continue reading →

Songwriting, Art Or Craft?

Is writing a song an art resulting from divine inspiration or is it a craft accomplished by technical know-how and repetitious practice? Arguments can be made for both concepts and numerous examples given of inspired songwriters with limited technical training. But for the young aspiring musician of today with a modern arsenal of digital music Continue reading →

My Long Day’s Night in Holland With The Traveling Girl

I made the switch from gym rat to studio rat when I realized that breaking fingers on the basketball court didn’t add much to a bass track. So I hung up the old sneakers, grabbed my bass with both hands and took my gym rat mentality with me into any studio with a good espresso Continue reading →