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Pete StroblPete Strobl, originally from Salzburg, Austria, developed his love for music at an early age. Pete played in his first rock bands as a teen-ager in Southern California. Seeing bands like The Doors, The Who and Buffalo Springfield during the late sixties, he also developed a deep love for classical music and opera. Serious studies followed and today Pete often draws upon classical influences when working with contemporary artists whether playing bass, arranging or producing.

Pete has an extensive background in the technique of singing. His studies included harmony, ear-training, counterpoint and analysis. He also studied renaissance music performance with Nikolaus Harnoncourt, performing with the Concentus Musicus in both Vienna and Venice. He began teaching and conducting while still in college, but his desire to perform led him to go on the road with a power trio that played funk and R&B with a heavy metal attitude.

Pete took every available gig imaginable, appearing with Paul Williams, Linda Hopkins, Papa John Creach and many others, while writing arrangements, producing tracks, teaching voice and coaching recording artists in the studio. Pete expanded his bass technique by studying string bass and jazz theory with Monty Budwig before serving a six year stint as musical director for the Gary Puckett band.

From 1990 until 2005 he served as resident musician, instrument repair tech and studio manager for the legendary Shangri-La studios in Malibu, California, which he was instrumental in transforming into a resonant boutique recording studio utilized by legendary artists Mark Knopfler, Joe Walsh, Chaka Khan, Tom Jones, Kings Of Leon and Grammy award-winning blues artist Keb’ Mo’.

More recently, Pete has produced two albums for the Sellaband internet record label. “Out Of Confusion” by retro rock band ConFused5 from Pete’s hometown of Salzburg, Austria was released summer of 2008. “The Running Time” by the Viennese country-rock band SolidTube was released in May, 2008. Both albums have received critical acclaim and are available online at Sellaband.

Pete taught a guest workshop at the prestigious Mozarteum music conservatory in the summer of 2008, entitled Traditional Vocal Technique in Pop/Rock Interpretation. Some considerations were American English, Problem Consonants, Vibrato vs Tremolo, and Song Interpretation.

Pete works, writes and teaches in the Los Angeles area and is sought out by singers of all genres for private instruction, studio session coaching and vocal track production.  He consults and collaborates with musicians, singers and songwriters from around the world on the internet.

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  • Love you, man. One of the best I ever worked with. I think of you often. I still do vocal exercises you taught me.
    My art took the martial form, when I started training in Gosoku Ryu Karate Do in 1977. Almost 32 years later I am 4th Degree Black Belt and still going. I also play music on occasion with Morris Wade, formerly of the Drifters. Had a “near miss” with New Wave group “88” in early 80s. Got onto Billboard but fizzled.
    Did you mary Karla? You have a handsome boy!
    May God bless you in every endeavor!


  • ward fahrney

    Hey Pete, What are you wearing

    From a old friend


  • Hey Pete,
    Great meeting you last night in Pittsburgh. Hope you enjoyed the music. I will keep you posted on the progress of the new Roger Humphries Project and mine as well. Maybe we’ll have an opportunity to work together sometime.
    By the way your son Pete is an OUTSTANDING individual. He has really helped my son develop into an above average basketball player and has been a positive influence on my son.

    God Bless

  • matthew

    Great site! very cool!

  • Cyn

    I stumbled on your site quite by accident but am so glad the universe brought us together! I gotcha bookmarked and look forward to more of your musings and wisdom. 😉

  • We have a lot to catch up on from our past as youngsters to the present day. Unfortunately, events like school district boundary realignment sent me to Poly. I grew up in a rock n’ roll radio station where my Dad Bob Bunell was General Manager at KFXM. Pete, we both have life experiences to share. Example: I met Jimi Hendrix back stage in his dressing room at the Swing Auditorium. He was doing finger exercises prior to performing. Like a athlete who warms up before playing. I realized later how high he was when I met him. Six weeks to the day he died at age 27. There’s a new book titled “27” that chronicles all the musicians and performers who died at age 27. To list a few of the 50 that died at agw 27 were; Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones(Stones), Curt Colbain and many more. Check out this link; http://www.starpulse.com/news/Kevin_Blair/2011/07/24/the_forever_27_club_musics_growing_liheck out this link . Cheers John

  • Elizabeth


    I love you with all my heart. One of the best times of my
    life was working with you and it had nothing to do with
    drinking slivavits at work