Sellaband, The $50,000 Question

Ah, the 50K question…seems I’ve stepped on a few toes with my last post so let me start by saying that I have no problem with any artist getting their hands on any amount of cash and making any type of recording they are able to in order to make this a more perfect world. Continue reading →

Sellaband, What Will 2010 Bring?

As an early and optimistic supporter of Sellaband, I feel confident in saying that I am not alone in wishing a successful and prosperous 2010 to the company and all of my friends, both virtual and physical, associated with the Dutch crowd-sourcing music website. That said, the past year has brought changes in policy and Continue reading →

Lille, Sophisticated Rock From Holland

One of my favorite projects within the Sellaband community is The Collaboration Project, a group of like-minded musicians, writers, producers and performers who…ah but I’ve already written that article so I won’t repeat myself more than to say how much I admire what this project is about and to state that it is grossly underfunded. Continue reading →

Flea's Silverlake Conservatory

When selecting a new automobile the typical buyer usually has a short list of required features that help in the final selection of what will likely be the second most expensive investment made by the modern consumer. There was a time when options such as disc brakes, automatic transmission and engine size were at the Continue reading →

Classic Kiwi Country, Sellaband's Katie Thompson

When I was in my twenties I worshiped at the altar of funk. James Brown, Tower Of Power, Ohio Players…you get the picture. If they marketed action figures of funk musicians my toy box would have looked like the line-up at an Oakland barbeque and funk fest. From my perspective, country music was completely of, Continue reading →

Mouth Mechanics

Alright, alright! All you guys snickering in the back of the classroom knock it off! It’s not what you’re thinking. This article is about singing so you can go back to sleep and wait for the bell to ring. For the rest of you, pay attention and you will learn a few things about the Continue reading →