If It's So Damned Easy, Anybody Could Do It

Skitzo Calypso has left the building. The popular rock band has left Sellaband to take up the crusade of garnering rock recognition elsewhere saying to the Sellaband community, “Instead of having a long mission statement, regarding our decision to leave, it can be summed up quickly – we don’t feel Sellaband is right for us. Continue reading →

Maitreya, Meet Chuck D.

UPDATE: I am informed by both Maitreya and Sellaband head Johan Vosmeijer that introductions have indeed been made prior to the posting of this article. Apparently Mr. Vosmeijer’s inbox has been bombarded with emails lobbying for that which is in the works already. Kudos to Sellaband for jumping on this and I hope that his Continue reading →

Plagiarism…Getting Mine From Thine

Plagiarism in music is nothing new…damn, I think I just made a very weak joke. But back to the subject, plagiarism is probably the strongest term available to define a phenomena that occurs almost every time a composer sets out to write a popular song. The vast majority of contemporary pop music is written within Continue reading →

My Favorite Guitar (Revisited)

I’m ripping myself off. Actually, I’ve had a few requests to revisit an old article about one of my guitars so here it is, this time with photos. In the past year the guitar made appearances on the albums Out Of Confusion by ConFused5 and The Running Time by SolidTube, both of which I produced Continue reading →

Real Deal Alert…Sellaband's Ariel

There are now over 9000 artist profiles on Sellaband, each one representing the aspirations of unsigned and relatively unknown artists and their hopes of crowd-sourcing a recording budget through what comes down to a pre-sale of 5000 units. Music lovers looking for their next obsession can search the Sellaband website by genre but the the Continue reading →

Circles And Squares, Francis Rodino's Sellaband Debut

Francis Rodino’s album, Circles And Squares has been a long time coming but early fan reactions indicate that the native New Yorker’s London production was well worth the wait. Having written a few reviews of some notable Sellaband artists during their larval stages I am now saddling up to review a finished product which will Continue reading →